Touching only dream within reach! Why not?

I known columnist Blog fingertips since I was 16, when she was a little girl high school. Through the introduction of Sun – from a sister whom I greatly admired (from there to now has not stopped her poems), I decided to give her collaborators, even then, my writing skills still inadequate.

Since childhood, I’ve oriented yourself the path of writing, though I knew what was going to write and will go. Initially the stories, later to write a report, and then until then the Blog. I’m not daydreaming fingertips will bring something for me, and hopefully will not become a VIP, Hot Blogger or knew people or cough or something, I just have one single purpose: Writing and receiving royalties. Hearing it was “disappointing” for me, but in fact it is like.

However, I did not know himself at that I was intrigued by the reach, up to 3-4 weeks to have to write a new blog post, the bear, not only the horrible itchy hands. That day, I collaborate Her Style sunny position. Sister Blog medium or, more beautiful sister again just so needless to say, I am determined to become one of the collaborators hard and her best writing. Initially, I write quite hard, after reading the general see, just a few articles “cheering confident lifestyle” on the network, but gradually, she encouraged me to express their own style of writing more. Since then, the community you on Blog fingertips as well get to know me more. Of course, do not forget concept: “Writing and receive royalties,” but I added some is: “Write to please, to express yourself in yourself, to be able to communicate with people passionate writer Read-Write goods, and also to receive royalties write reward yourself “again !.

REACH makes me understand one thing, each one thinking, a different personality separate. Orientation is who we are worthless, and will do what is very important for every individual, especially in times something as fast as this. Reading and writing go together. Know much, spent much new being written, but not suddenly, but telling a story about his life. But I also must respect the reach is, maintaining the definition of Thuan Vietnam with traditional blog style poetical, is the “smoking” users with specific values, between the times of social network Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest sing language motions.

Since then, thanks to seize the opportunity, I continued to develop ourselves as leverage becomes HOT Blogger’s reach. Then I continued collaboration became manager for the site south CTV Blog Fancipan – One of the “offspring” of the latest hand. Starting numbers 0 truth makes people resilient and hard to believe, but, one time lay the foundation build Blog from the first brick, as well as get the loving respect from colleagues , since they / you / siblings collaborators, made me determined to come back with Fancipan to jointly develop with you, even if the academic calendar, current job with how busy. I believe, live with their passion, you’ll get what you deserve.

I would like to thank to Ms. Cao Thu Phuong – Content Director, Sister Sunshine – who gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the blog, he Soong Ching Hai – Ex-Product Manager aggressive enthusiasm, and thank Blogger friends stayed in the community of this vast Blog fingertips !…yepi 2.

Birthday fingertips, happy new year for a further development!


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