These foreign online games are making people fascinated

Points online games are causing Vietnamese people to sob because it is too hot, how to play too

A bit of Black Desert for the unknown gamer: The in-game world is based on the medieval times in Europe. However, the design of the work, the context is really detailed, you can often feel the Black Desert is like the real, including the design of the character is very beautiful.


Black Desert introduces players to a vast world of expansion, allowing gamers the freedom to explore and navigate across all lands. More specifically, thanks to beautiful graphics, the map in Black Desert is beautifully designed and detailed with many features for players to explore, such as scattered materials on the map. , Which players can collect to prepare, equip or perform missions.


According to many gamers, the most attractive feature of the Black Desert is not a great graphics platform, but the mechanism of fighting “hands like offline game”. This is a special combination of semi non-target mechanics, which have non-target skills, but some skills require the player to target the target (like Blade and Soul). . In addition, actions such as dodging attacks, jumps etc. are also included to help players counter the attacks of the enemy.

Lost Ark

According to many sources of high accuracy, the top online game in Korea is Lost Ark is preparing to conduct closed beta test this summer, more specifically around June or 7, but no major date yet. verified. In addition, the game will also be exported to the Chinese market with the collaboration between SmileGate and Tencent, where Vietnamese gamers are relatively easy to play. However, the European market is widely expected.


The Lost Ark has been showcasing the best graphics ever developed on the Unreal Engine 3 platform, and especially the impressive action-thrilling gameplay that is similar to the legendary Diablo gameplay.


In terms of graphics, gamers will be overwhelmed by the beautiful and eye-catching character designs, especially the female characters. In addition, the environment is very impressive and especially the skill system is extremely brilliant, will definitely make the player have to glue the eyes to the screen.

Conan Exiles

Legend of the legendary game Final Fantasy, which is so well-known around the world rescued Square Enix in its darkest hours and made the game giant, becoming a huge force not only in Japan but Around the world like today. And this fairy tale was re-made early in 2017, but the difference is that this is an online game. In particular, the name that is mentioned is Conan Exiles, the game of survival of all these ‘savage’ prehistoric people saved FunCom before the abyss of bankruptcy!


If you do not already know, this game is inspired by the Conan series, set in a desolate world where only new strength survives. In addition to fighting, building a home is another important aspect of Conan Exiles, just like any other survival game, where players can build their own fortress.


The world of Conan Exiles is filled with dangers from bizarre creatures such as bats, spiders, snakes of greater size than normal as well as other players, and gamers will be forced to fight to survive. In this respect, Funcom’s title is full of violence with brutal bloodsucking head-to-toe, but also true Barbarian.


The interesting part of this game is the special gameplay mechanics that combine the turn base and the battle card, creating unique and exciting gameplay that can not be stopped.


In Faeria, instead of just paying attention to cards like most other card games, gamers will have to pay attention to both the surrounding environment, the time of the game (bright or dark) and lots of spending. More info … In order to win, players need to make the most of “natural time and space” and the appropriate tactics.


The card system in Faeria is also quite rich with a lot of cards (which will be updated even further), from levels ranging from common to legendary. In addition, gamers can create their own cards and use them. Just like many other card battle games, gamers will have to stack a 20 card suit to match their tactics to win the duel.


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