Director Overwatch revealed that the game will feature Map creation, but not now

The Overwatch development team has always listened to ideas, calls for launch of the game design features, Map Editor maps from fans and they are ready to bring that. But, according to the game’s director, the creation of this toolkit is not an easy one-to-one process.

According to the post that Jeff Kaplan posted on the official forum of the game, he noted that Overwatch was developed with a completely new engine.


That makes the release of a custom player and game designer a long-term goal of the production team rather than just an instant update.

“We are very pleased about the release of the Map Editor feature for Overwatch,” he said. “The production team outlined this on the team’s long-term blueprint and is incredibly confident in the user-generated content packages,” he said. “But there will be a lot of challenges waiting for us ahead and it will be a long time before a complete game design can be released to the gaming community.”

In another article on Overwatch: The latest hero of the game, Orisa, the robot that plays the role of a tanker, was released in the official (except competitive) games on all game consoles. Two weeks of public testing in Public Test Realm.

This robot is only the third hero to join the game’s character lineup, after the Overwatch was released in May 2016. Orisa provides defensive barriers, Use unique skills to slow down opponents and increase your teammate’s power to “clean” the battlefield with Ultimate.


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