The unique poem about the player causing the fever

Most gamers who are too focused on gaming neglect core values that are important in their lives. Accidentally let go of love, real opportunities for self destiny.

Recently, the student community together students shared a very real and touching poems. “Do not play games to neglect school education to sad parents.” The poem by poet Phan Thanh Long – poems by poet unblocked – admin page poems by Hue University of Mining and Geology with the message “Try to learn well, do not throw a lot of games in the game to your mother!”



Half-life in the practice of soldiers
Noodles packaged fried rice live alone
There are nights in the neighborhood
Out outside the bar welcome dawn

Sit in the air conditioner between the game room
Hug the soft-seat headrest
The school day is not sad
Project thesis deliberately forget

Mother at home worry about plotting
Sweat heavy wind grain lay
Accumulated contribution to support children learn
Frequency of hard time months

I do not want to go home
To my mother to the countryside
Sitting in the habit of being addicted
Although the attendance was near

By the time the teacher forbids the examination
No regrets are still jealous
Circumcision warns the heartless
Other F points spend the semester

I have missed my life
Where is the warmth of the cymbals
Mom always thought I was innocent
It’s late to realize it’s late.

The poem immediately touched the sympathy of so many student players so that many gamers suddenly realize the consequences of the ABCya “neglect” for so long.


One gamer shared: “In the game, read the poem that you want to afk too but the teammates should try to beat the game back.” Many other friends said: “Think of love parents, know it but difficult unblocked sites. Even if the gamer read the post after saying it is extremely regrettable. Although not know whether to change or not but can see the poem has hit the psychology of. gamer giddy.

The author of the poem himself said: “The inspiration for composing a poem is based on the comments of poetry readers, mostly students. The common problem for gamers is that they are too focused on the game. Also look at the school, away from the target and ideal for the future. He hopes the poem will also be a wake-up call for those who are dreaming the virtual world xbox one. “As a student experiencing this age, I will try to enrich my experience for myself and others,” he said.

In fact, there are many, but emotional poetry shared about the game sa players to make them worry and think. But reading and acting to change is a great distance.

Last 31 hours I have not slept
Stay overnight with your life online
32 rain suddenly poured outside
In the net bar downstairs keyboard

In the dream I see her looking for
I hid my life in the computer
thin mother leaning on the poor house
little salary for the mother sent to her child

But mom! No more future!
I burned it every hour in the net
lecture the other with the child ends
Four months ago I went to school!

Language 33 still rains on his head
The laughing voice suddenly wakes me up
on the keyboard of a piece of bread crumbs dry
a cigarette and half a cup of coffee

Because life is full of passion
I can not resist the body now
The eyes are dim as green leaves
no friends, everyone is away

Feet cross the lavish streets
There are two thousand silver in the wallet
34 children looking forward to mother
But with only two thousand

The rest of the room still owes money
Mother money to throw thrown into the game
if people only once died
If you die I still do not orange

35 in the middle of a bad motel room
listen to neighbors open an old song
song about expatriates
I mourn my life

Mommy ! if faith in mother is still
Let me do it once
will retire forever online forever
Although now the gratuitous child

I lie here my mother weariness
Fine chiu each co, mother sent back to the child
There is money … 1 part of repayment
The rest of the grill baked into passion

That passion in my hometown is not
Schooling then I know …. mother!
Even my mother .. still want to live
In frosty money … mom sent.

Living in the game I often hear scolding
The “uneducated”, it is the child?
But no, I’m still learning that
Only thing on the sparse lecture theater
The semester exam, all seven subjects
No one can pass the mother.

But in the kid game is a good one
A hero in the eyes
Living in the game is very powerful
Let me be passionate … and fade away from you

Today off to my mother
Stepping out on the star road change
Earth round does not stop rotating forever
Only children … are engulfed in the dream

Go to the top of the village to see her silhouette
Looks crouched in the afternoon sun
Loaded water on the mother’s shoulder lieu xieu
I was startled .. my mother was thinner than before

Look at my mother .. wish only wish
I am back …. is the mother of the past
To help mom to help her noon
World Online child left behind
To return … is the day before
Morning to school, afternoon teaching tutor
Earn some bucks for your mother to lose sunshine
And you forever .. is your good mother.
Hundreds of times apologize to her mother … mother!

The message that the authors have written through the experience of life may not be enough to awaken the conscience, willpower and energy of those who bear the name of game addiction but has shaken the heart of human goodness titanfall. Gaming is not evil, but the main players are too much momentum has made many people lose faith in these interesting and useful games. Become an independent gamer and have a clear driving force!


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